Agriturismo Duca di Castelmonte

I’m Dato Curatolo I am the owner of my company brothers, the care of this company possibly located a few kilometers from the city of Trapani to the mountain Rendition 10 and it is a winery still a farm, for five generations that are the time and my family was the owner in this of this company is the first a mill besides holy merit they also had a family translator that we also made available to their own from the tender around the city of trapani and was not invented frappe di eroina never cleans fermi has decided to transform all the premises previously destined to stables to granaries to oil mills to deposit their of 2000 to hospitality for tourism.

We also have a kitchen restaurant for both the guests of the company and for those who have placed our cooking titles. The company replies that they will demand the novelty of the 17.000 18 engraving, we make classic hospitality in apartments, villas and apartments furnished in a very simple but absolutely comfortable way, and the kitchen that comes from the experience of a mother of a cook who taught us the few that are found in our kitchens and the purely family traditional kitchen with a bond and embroidered culinary experience that the mother has lived in the last few years that we find ourselves in the heart of the company that our bathroom, the so-called pair is accidental, all the country houses are organized so a sort of fortification created exactly under buildings with a large central door with the back toxin that was called the technician’s escape route.

And here and at Cevoli the heart of the company is the place where all my family with the farmers who work in the fields for lunch are called from the other by the bell that even today we are still using we start to call our guests to table then at lunch and dinner time and today this place is exactly the place my family took place the cause it’s nymph you’re my artist sister yes and even today we end up here often too with guests who find themselves here with us if we sell breakfast and dinners at the same shows and continue to use it as it was then used, that is, as the meeting point of the company is a private area but very much gladly we also open to the obstinate and this fifth is not the part of the private part where we continue we give this that my left and the back of some of the apartments do not i am so 15 i as apartments that we make available to guests and we host almost all year round.

Ours our ideal position, achieved by both the people of Trapani to travel and my kitchen and by the guests who are very easily, can be reached from the airport by the port with their dinners or lunches. find here is a hospital is not a hotel is our proposal open to everyone and if we have always known how to do at home for ever full of excellent silicosis places of uncles and this is a place where everyone felt in their memories the reason for which the 7 always organized here the occasions the occasions of picnics were always participated and all the friends all similar continue to consider these courses on the spot red case and in some way it is an objective that what we succeed in reaching without even so many sports and and producing to make you feel in big rambles besides the cover to a scooter.

To the comfort of the lowerings had by the kitchen this spot where nature one evening we are very close to the city but if there is a great easter the animals are welcome it is proposed you live in freedom both the image our guests are in welcome nature is still spies splits we always have accounts always give family and we surround ourselves with guests who somehow believe they depend on sales and the agritourist is an artist both respectful of newspaper posts and respectful of the slaughter of animals that will be their company.

It is a very easy place to reach and in addition to being easy to reach a place from which one moves very easily to reach all the most beautiful places that western Sicily offers are many tens also in Palermo but from here the highway is one kilometer and from there you can easily reach Selinunte Segesta all the most important archaeological sites now to be both accidental and we can finally make the islands seven kilometers we have the port of Trapani and from which you can go to Solignano, but in short these beautiful and we are very close to worshiping both airports, a quarter of an hour’s drive for the 45 minute basin from the heart of Palermo can of trapani is frequented by many connections with many Italian cities and on the cross of is a crossroads is a place to do stop and pleasant because I thought I was staying here because it is easy to see so many beauties of the island.

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